Welcome to CosmicLava Radio

Welcome to CosmicLava Radio, Fueled from the volcano of your imagination.
[A volcano rising from a blue planet spewing forth red lava.]
We have lots of music for your ears, plus, we try to put on some not-so-conventional programming, at least all that we can. To find out more about us, look at our Schedule of programming there you can get a good idea of what is on for every day. When you found the program you want to listen to, you can tune in to hear it.
Also if you would like to tune in using our app, you may Download Mobile App
Here's what's playing now:

Also, why not follow us on Twitter where we try to post the most updated info about upcoming shows.
We also take suggestions as to the best ways that we can keep you updated. We also have a requests form that you can use to give us any requests you have. If you would like to broadcast with us, please fill out our dj application and look at our service agreement.
Also make sure to listen to the contact info the dj/presenter gives during their show so that you can contact them through those means.
We also have a basic contact page where some of the dj's who volunteer with us have willingly given us information that listeners can use to contact them. Other pages will be added here over time as we continue to grow and get information about what we should put here from listeners.
Management hopes you enjoy the station and all the shows that are broadcasted here.

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